The Importance of Exploring Our Creativity

May 3rd, 2014

Growing up with a family of musicians is one of the most intimidating experiences for a young child who is expected to also pick up an instrument. What seems to come naturally to my father and both my brothers has never come to me so easily. For them, they can pick up an instrument and seemingly within hours will already have mastered it. At least, in a child’s eyes it did seem to be so! Even now, I still have an ingrained need to always improve. I decided that by taking portland piano lessons I would be able to, for a while at least, put a halt to that constant drive to learn new instruments.


Using Professional Beat Making Software

March 9th, 2014

Dubstep Headphones 300x214 Best Dubstep Headphones?I started out wanting to put some beats to some poetry I wrote. After all, rap is a form of poetry. You try to get a hook to grab the audience listening to the words. Then you have to have that rhythm, the beat, to keep them interested in hearing the whole rhyme. I found a beat making software that could produce professional quality results without a learning curve that would require me months to learn. Some of the software out there for making beats is really tough to use, and it does not even produce studio quality sound.

A pro has requirements for the quality of the beats made. Not only the rhythm, but the actual quality of the digital sound file.


Make Art and Improve the Quality of Life

January 28th, 2014

‘Making’ art has been a concept that has been held important in my family for a long time. Both my parents are artists in their own way – my mother was a part time painter and while she didn’t make any money doing it, the hobby was something she enjoyed indulging hours into. On the flip side, my dad could be considered a ‘professional’ artist as he was a full time musician who made his money being on the road and playing wherever he could. It’s no surprise, then, that I find myself downloading this online beat maker as I write this.


Best Music Classes in Calgary

November 14th, 2013

Dominic Morin | FacebookI want my son to get into some sort of music lessons in the near future, because I bought him a keyboard for Christmas last year, and it seems that he has really taken a liking to the keyboard. More importantly, he has gotten pretty good at using it, and I do not want his music potential to go unfulfilled, so I would like to get him lessons in the near future. I need to find calgary music classes that teach piano, so that I will be able to get my son into such classes.

I think that he will be very excited about the idea of taking music lessons.


Why Do I Listen to 92.5?

January 22nd, 2013

Free Music Archive: MP3 of the Day: Hot & Cold, I moved down here a few years ago from up north. Now while up north my whole life country music tends to be looked down on a lot. Thus one doesn’t get exposed to an awful lot of great country music. But one day while driving down the highway I put on the radio and heard a Johnny Cash song and of course had to sing along and after the song was finished I kept my radio tuned into the station. I heard great songs one after another and never bothered to change stations. I even kept it tuned to the station on my return trip home!

It wasn’t until I was pulling into my driveway that I learned I was tuned into 92.5 listening to some awesome country music the duration of my trip. Since that day my country music taste have grown beyond just Johnny Cash, and I’m thankful for accidentally tuning in one day and finding the station.


I Can Download Music from Youtube Now

August 11th, 2012

Free Convert Youtube FLV to Audio MP3 Converter provides an easy and ...I was really pleased with myself after I figured out how to convert music videos on youtube to mp3. I had lost all of the music on my PC and so I had to start all over. I kept all of it on my second hard drive, but it failed and I can not figure out how to recover the data on it. I know that I should be able to get it all back, but so far nothing I have tried has worked. Maybe when I go back home from school my brother the computer geek will know what to do. He can most likely recover the data and then tell me how it was easy.

I was listening to music off youtube because I had nothing else except Pandora.