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Why Do I Listen to 92.5?

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Free Music Archive: MP3 of the Day: Hot & Cold, I moved down here a few years ago from up north. Now while up north my whole life country music tends to be looked down on a lot. Thus one doesn’t get exposed to an awful lot of great country music. But one day while driving down the highway I put on the radio and heard a Johnny Cash song and of course had to sing along and after the song was finished I kept my radio tuned into the station. I heard great songs one after another and never bothered to change stations. I even kept it tuned to the station on my return trip home!

It wasn’t until I was pulling into my driveway that I learned I was tuned into 92.5 listening to some awesome country music the duration of my trip. Since that day my country music taste have grown beyond just Johnny Cash, and I’m thankful for accidentally tuning in one day and finding the station.