Make Art and Improve the Quality of Life

‘Making’ art has been a concept that has been held important in my family for a long time. Both my parents are artists in their own way – my mother was a part time painter and while she didn’t make any money doing it, the hobby was something she enjoyed indulging hours into. On the flip side, my dad could be considered a ‘professional’ artist as he was a full time musician who made his money being on the road and playing wherever he could. It’s no surprise, then, that I find myself downloading this online beat maker as I write this. I have long considered myself more of a writer but lately I have felt an itch to make music, grooves, beats or anything that gets the feet and hips moving! I’ve struggled with music for most of my life which, I think, stems from the fact that I had such a talented father who didn’t want to teach me anything that he knew.

It was strange to grow up, idolizing your father for his musical talent and yet that same father would never actually teach anything. He felt that it was more important to learn on your own rather than having someone show you how to do it. It was frustrating! I took it more as a sign that he simply didn’t want to teach his son what he knew, which hurt – I was only a kid, you know? Only in later years have I really begun to appreciate the crafting of music more and see it as a challenge to do so. I don’t want to be like my father but it would certainly be a bonding experience if we could share more of an intimate passion for music rather than this gap that lies between us due to my lack of the technical aspects of ‘making’ music!


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